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"I have been advertising on and off with i2i marketing for over 5 years. they produce cool ads. it beats everything else I do...Angies lists, coupon magazines, etc. After deliveries I get an immediate bump in new clients. From there, the referrals quickly build up"
Tom Marcinek 
Scan Handyman

"It was overwhelming...We had 4 truck loads full of food! Thank you again so much for helping us out, the response was extremely good."
Susann Hussels-Director,
Mt. Si. Food Bank

" I used an out-of-state company and it was a waist  of money. No return and I doubt many got delivered.  i2i marketing was referred to us and our sales doubled while door-hanging 3000 per week every week for a year" Ryan Reese,
Garlic Jim's

"The summer campaign was fantastic and we’ve over indexed on sales. ". 
Brian Dalessi-Marketing,
Century Link

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About Front Door Marketing

Welcome to the exciting arena of door-to-door advertising. If you have ever wondered why businesses market this way…well…it is because it works. In a hyper fragmented world, how do you best reach your potential customers? A little thought will shed some light. How many different internet options are there? How about radio or tv stations with the ease of skipping through commercials? What about direct mailers or coupons that are cluttered in the mailbox? Can you really remember the last bus or billboard ad you saw?

But there is only one front door! Your future clients are guaranteed to see & acknowledge your ad. And how does advertising work? It is not the medium that matters most, but rather, your message. What makes door-to-door advertising so advantageous and with a high return on your investment is that it maximizes the number of people who will see your message. At i2i marketing, we will help you generate the attention grabbing ad that optimizes your return.

3 points that may be of interest:
Dollar per dollar invested, print media generates 60 times more revenue then internet marketing (Kevin Slump, University of Tennessee Communications Dept)

2) 85% of people will remember the door-hanger ad 2 weeks out compared to 5%  for a direct mailer.(2010 AAPS Conference)

3)  Door-to-door works 3-4 times better than direct mail.  (Jim Schell VP Marketing AT&T, Founder Adventi Marketing)


And how do I know that my material is delivered?: At i2i marketing, we utilize state of the art GPS monitoring. All workers are properly trained & equipped with a GPS tracking unit. As they deliver, they click the GPS monitoring unit and it beautifully shows where every delivery is made once they download their data. We can even tell if they tag the gate or door-knob, what day and time of day of delivery. No worker is paid until their routes check out satisfactorily. Everything is documented for your benefit and security. As a client, you will have access to the data and verification. All current clients love this and so will you. More importantly, you will see and feel results. 94% of our customers repeat, and we are a growing company.

We screen all workers:  At i2i marketing, it all starts with paying our delivery personnel decent and living wages. All of our workers are drug-free and have no criminal backgrounds. We understand that who we hire not only reflects our company, but your company. All workers are trained with GPS technology.

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